Erectile Dysfunction Medication & The Side Effects of Alcohol

Taking Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

Making use of erectile dysfunction medication

You may have heard of the brand Viagra, but did you know that there are other treatments for ED that are just as potent and powerful? Cialis is a competitively priced alternative that is created from the same active ingredients and can offer the same happy results.

How long does Cialis take to work?

A user is advised to take a pill when they struggle to achieve or maintain an erection – and within 30-60 minutes, the effects will kick into action. Remaining in their system for up to 18 hours (Viagra offers only 6), this gives a user a positive amount of time to enjoy the effects.

PDE5 Inhibitors – how they effect the penis

As dysfunction is generally caused by poor blood flow, PDE5 inhibitors found in these medications work to increase it – but they work in a very specific way. Blood flow will be directed to where it is needed most, so consuming these pills without getting sexually aroused won’t generally have any effect.

There is a possibility that getting aroused multiple times in one four-hour period could produce multiple erections and there is a likelihood that frequent use for some may reduce the need to take medication (if used frequently for a long period of time). Contraindications for using Viagra are when there has been a large consumption of alcohol. The side effects of alcoholism are often erectile dysfunction and Viagra is of minimal use to someone if the are under the influence of alcohol.

Buying Cialis (or Viagra) online

When sufferers may be embarrassed to discuss erectile dysfunction with their healthcare provider (or in a personal capacity), there is the option to purchase ED medications over the internet. With online consultations and prescriptions being offered to those who meet specific criteria, there is no longer a need to visit a medical professional in person as you can buy Cialis online.

Only buy online from reputable pharmacies

A range of medications are available online nowadays – and with options to collect in store or enjoy home delivery, interactions can be further minimised. To ensure that the drugs purchased are safe to use and correct (in terms of dosage), be sure to buy from reputable providers or pharmacies. Those that do not require any medical information or proof of prescription (in cases where these are not offered by them specifically) are not likely to be registered or approved to sell medicine, so be sure to do some research before you make a decision you may come to regret.